DESPICABLE: Undercover Video Shows Abortionist Admit to Killing Babies Born Alive

Excerpt From: TheBlaze. Written By: Kate Scanlon. In a new video released by The Center for Medical Progress Wednesday, a former Planned Parenthood medical director said that she has to “pay attention to who’s in the room” when infants show signs of life following an abortion procedure. The Center for Medical Progress’ new video comes the […]

Radical Pro-Abortion Groups Team Up to Raise Money to Pay For Young Girls’ Abortions

The “Carolina Abortion Fund,” which issues “small grants” to young girls to snuff out their child’s life before they take their first breath, is currently raising money in order to have the money they need to murder more unborn babies in the 37 abortion mills in North Carolina. And they’re already almost halfway to their fundraising goal. Pro-Life NC […]

Let’s Address the Misconceptions About Planned Parenthood and Their “Services”

Excerpt From: Live Action News. Written By: Rebecca Downs. On Friday, the American Health Care Act (AHCA), which would have repealed and replaced the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as ObamaCare, and would have defunded Planned Parenthood for a year, was ultimately pulled without a vote. While Planned Parenthood continues to receive federal funding for […]

Remarkable Flash of Light Occurs at Moment of Conception

Excerpt From: The Daily Wire. Written By: James Barrett. Scientists have discovered that a “breathtaking” flash of light occurs at the moment of conception. For the first time, researchers from Northwestern University have now demonstrated that when a human sperm first meets an egg a bright zinc spark can be seen, not only a “remarkable” phenomenon but also one that might […]

They Claim Abortion is “Safe” But This Woman Was Killed in a Botched 19-Week Abortion

Excerpt From: LifeNews. Written By: Cheryl Sullenger. Karnamaya Mongar, a tiny Bhutanese refugee who barely spoke a word of English, never meant it to happen, but her death at the hands of Kermit Gosnell and his incompetent staff on November 19, 2009, has served as an object lesson in the dangers of assumptions.  Mongar had […]

If Late-term Abortion isn’t Torture, it’s Hard to Imagine What Is…

Excerpt From: Live Action News. Written By: Adam Peters. Torture has been in the news a lot. Even GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump pledged to inflict “a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding” on suspected terrorists. While Trump didn’t specify what tactics he would use, a report in 2014 detailed ones the CIA has […]

Planned Parenthood CEO: We’re “Proud” To Kill Unborn Babies

Excerpt From: LifeNews. Written By: Shawn Carney. Planned Parenthood boss Cecile Richards is tweeting again … and further showing Planned Parenthood’s disconnect with humanity. Richards took to social media to proclaim, “Planned Parenthood is proud to provide abortion – a necessary service that’s as vital to our mission as birth control or cancer screenings.” With […]

Trump Offers Planned Parenthood Federal Funding… If They Stop Performing Abortions

Excerpt From: TheBlaze. Written By: Tre Goins-Phillips. President Donald Trump wants to strike a deal with Planned Parenthood. The White House, according to a Monday report from The New York Times, has proposed preserving federal funding for Planned Parenthood if the organization stops providing abortions — a proposition he floated many times on the campaign […]

George Soros Has Given $21 Million to Planned Parenthood and $246 Million to Pro-Abortion Groups

Excerpt From: LifeNews. Written By: Steven Ertelt. Pro-abortion billionaire George Soros has reportedly given $246 million dollars to pro-abortion groups that were behind the Women’s March this year and the upcoming “day without women” strike. Soros is no stranger to funding the nation’s leading organizations advancing the abortion agenda and a new report from the […]

Science Confirms that Human Life Beings at Conception

Excerpt From: Live Action News. Written By: Luke Faulkner. The scientific community continues to prove that human life begins at conception (fertilization). In their latest edition of The Developing Human: Clinically Oriented Embryology, professors Keith Moore, TVN Persaud, and Mark Torchia shed significant light on the development of the human person – and they don’t shy […]