Alveda King: I’m Sick of Pro-Abortion Politicians Using Race-Baiting to Deceive Black Voters

Excerpt From: LifeNews. Written By: Steven Ertelt. Alveda King, the niece of Doctor Martin Luther King Jr, has released a pro-life message for Black History Month. The Civil Rights leader says she is sick and tired of pro-abortion politicians using race-baiting to deceive black voters into supporting them. “For years liberals and progressives have skillfully […]

Apparently, Unborn Babies Are Only Human When They Belong To Beyonce

Excerpt From: TheBlaze. Written By: Matt Walsh. Beyonce gave a typically self-deifying performance at the Grammy Awards last night. She appeared at first to be dressed as a pagan oracle or goddess, adorned in an elaborate see-through stripper outfit and a golden halo. She quickly proceeded from there into outright sacrilege, recreating the Last Supper and the Ascension with […]

LISTEN: Pro-Life NC Executive Director On “What Matters In North Carolina”

Pro-Life North Carolina’s Executive Director, and founder of Hand Of Hope Pregnancy Center, Tonya Baker Nelson, was a featured guest on “What Matters in North Carolina” on the Freedom Action Network Friday. Tonya broke down the battle Hand of Hope is currently embroiled in with the Raleigh City Council over the rezoning of a piece of […]

DISGUSTING: Baby Killer Gosnell Claims Bible Proved He Did “God’s Work”

Excerpt From: Written By: Cortney O’Brien. Kermit Gosnell shows no remorse for his abominable actions in his Philadelphia abortion clinic, actions which have him serving multiple life sentences. Gosnell, a late-term abortionist, was found guilty of murdering babies by snipping their necks, and faced charges for racketeering and blatantly ignoring abortion laws. At least one […]

Senators Introduce Bill to #DefundPlannedParenthood Abortion Biz

Excerpt From: Written By: Steven Ertelt. Congress approved legislation to defund the Planned Parenthood abortion business last year only to see pro-abortion President Barack Obama veto it. Now, leading pro-life members of the U.S. Senate have introduced a bill to yank taxpayer funding from the nation’s biggest abortion company. Sens. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) and […]